First Baptist Church in Amboy

World Missions

As a Bible Believing New Testament Church, we believe the "Great Commission" (Mat 28:18-20) was given to us. Starting in our own neighborhood, we are extending the Light of the Gospel to the far corners of the globe. The missionaries listed below are a part of our family as we support them financially and prayerfully as an extension of this church.  The emphasis and goal of each one of our missionaries is to establish and strengthen local churches. One missionary is not included on the following list for the protection and security of their family, as they are ministering in a country where the Bible and the gospel is forbidden.

Ted & Jodi Alexander – Evangelist

Jeff & Linda Brown – Germany 

Ben & Wendy Burks – Reformers Unaimous

Doug & Amanda Claypool - Sao Tome, Principe

Geber & Dione Coelho – Brazil

Joel & Brook Daku – Kiribati

Chad & LeAnne Delhotal - Heritage Baptist Church

Bob & Margie Engelhart - Ivory Coast

Terry & Jan Hamilton - Lighthouse Legal Ministries

Jack & Lindsay Lamb - Church Planter in Los Angeles

Bill & Lisa Lyons - Japan, Military

Gene & Peggy Mumford – France

Wayne & Lenora Mund – Fishers Of Men Ministries

David & Valorie O’Gorman – Ireland

Bro. Todd Oprzedek - Cedar River Baptist Camp

Clint & Rhonda Rardin – Mexico

Adam & Carol Rich – Zambia

Rafael & Tracy Rodriguez - Panama

Mark & Linda Sigstad – Nigeria

Sam & Amy Slobodian – BIEM

Jim & Linda Stroup - Law and Grace

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